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Travel Report: Ronda, Spain.

El Tajo Gorge Ronda Spain

February 2017. I felt like Ronda really had a lot to live up to! After all, I’d arrived on the back of some breathtaking trips around Southern Spain. Thankfully though Ronda’s reputation as “the most beautiful city in Andalusia” has not been exaggerated! Set dramatically atop El Tajo Gorge it’s an absolutely stunning place, even on a grey February morning like this complete with sheet-gray sky and lurking, black clouds.

February 2017. There are dozens of viewing balconies right across El Tajo gorge offering up wonderful views of the valley below and stretching out way off into Ronda’s rural distance. This balcony, complete with bandstand and a scattering of local musicians, is the biggest and most dramatically placed. 

February 2017. For those wanting to get a bit more involved with Ronda’s gorgeousness, hop on the nature trail that winds down into the valley. It’s a sharp, invigorating walk down with several rocky viewing stations to pause at along the way. This shot, about a third of the way down, gives a reverse review of the gorge as well as the handsome form of Puente Nuevo (New Bridge).

February 2017. Ronda’s rolling countryside really is something else! There are sprawling farms, grazing horses, ruined buildings and elegant country houses with leafy swimming pools. There are wild bushes, pink blossomy trees and lush green orchards all framed by the striking backdrop of the Serranía de Ronda Mountains. With the clock ticking down on my return bus to Malaga I only managed a brief exploration of the valley nature trail, but those with more time on their hands can enjoy a walking route of almost thirteen kilometers!

February 2017. Wherever my Spanish travels take me I always make sure to grab some shots of local old folk sittin’ doin’ nothin’. In the beginning I hadn’t consciously been seeking these photos out, but now they’ve become a key feature of my Spanish articles. In fact, from time to time I receive messages from people complimenting me on the latest round of seat-based nothingness. These guys were snapped at Ronda’s rickety old bus station. I’m convinced they weren’t actually waiting for a bus or indeed intending to go anywhere. No luggage, no reading, no phone checking and no talking.





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