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Travel Report: Lynchburg, Tennessee.

ack Daniels Distillery Lynchburg Tennessee

May 2007. I’ll never forget my amazing day trip to the charming little American town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Even the drive over from Nashville was memorable, our two-hour journey taking us through a fascinating section of The Bible Belt, with its unchanging panorama of painted farmhouses, manicured hedges, white picket fences and pocket-sized churches. On arrival in Lynchburg, we headed straight to The Jack Daniel’s Distillery for our free tour of America’s oldest distillery. The woman pictured above was our friendly guide, a plain speaking Tennessee gal with an accent so thick my then fiancé could barely understand a word she was saying.

May 2007. The tour begins in the spacious and informative visitor’s center, where you’ll learn that there are no restrooms during the tour, photos are not allowed (yeah, good luck with that!) and any guns you may have need to be handed in at the customer service desk. From there we were whisked off through The Rickyard, where the distillery makes its own charcoal, before stopping by the famous cave spring that produces the water used in Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. This shot came in the cavernous Barrel House, where whiskey-tasting events are sometimes held.

May 2007. This photo was taken in the Still House Fermentation Room, where you can peer into one of the massive tanks and get a whiff of some seriously stinky yellow yeast goo. According to our guide, it is scientifically possible to get tipsy from the strength of the alcohol fumes. To this day I still don’t know whether or not she was joking.

May 2007. After the Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour our merry party spent an hour or so wandering around the town itself and soon found ourselves drawn to the amusing Moore County Jail Museum. Constructed of red bricks and heavy oak timber, this fine looking building began welcoming inmates back in 1893 and remained in operation right through to 1990 before being transformed into a tourist attraction.

May 2007. Located right on Lynchburg’s main square, you can enter the museum for a one-dollar fee. Home to just four cells (two for males, two for females), the jail was apparently famous for having a cosy, family-like atmosphere. As you explore you’ll see portraits of the various sheriffs and you can wander in and out of the cells at will. The above picture is of my buddy Jon looking suitably mean for the camera. Make sure to sign the guestbook before you leave! All in all well worth a buck!

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