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Travel Report: On the Seoul Subway, South Korea.

On the Subway Seoul Korea

February 2015. I’ve never really done a travel report like this before. Maybe it’s because I normally associate subway journeys with claustrophobia, stress, inconvenience and smelly armpits. But in Seoul all my experiences were a total breeze, from the wide, spotless ultra-modern carriages to the pleasingly icy air con and abundance of available seats. Sure, things got more hectic during rush hour, but still a piece of cake compared to the hell-on-earth ordeals of Beijing and London.

February 2015. As I shuttled around the city on the way to Seoul sights such as Changdeokgung Palace and Ingwansan Mountain, I started instinctively photographing the locals. The trick was to be as discreet as possible. Basically I just pretend to be fiddling around with my camera as if I’m trying to adjust some troublesome setting. Furrowed eyebrows, eyes fixed on the camera not the subject and then click, got ya!

February 2015. We live in a world that has clearly gone mobile phone mad. We’re all hopelessly addicted and I’m just as guilty as anyone. Somehow though Seoul seems to have taken it to a whole new level! For the majority of my journeys absolutely nobody was conversing, or indeed looking anywhere other than their mini screens.

February 2015. This is my favorite shot from the Seoul Subway Files and one that shows not everyone has succumbed to mobile mania. The man was leading his two companions in some stretching exercises. First it was hands and fingers, then arms and finally legs. They were so completely into it and unaware of anybody else that I didn’t even need to be discreet to get my photo.

February 2015. More cell phone silliness. I remember feeling very curious about the look on the girl’s face. Had she just discovered some thought provoking fact? Was she flirting with someone? Watching a particularly juicy soap opera moment? Obviously I’ll never know, but whatever it was it must have been infinitely more interesting than what the guy next to her was seeing.

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  • Pooja Thapliyal

    Keen observations.. yes, it’s sad to see that how all of us are just wasting a large part of our life just looking at the screen. I am conciously trying to keep phone a distance away from me so that I use it less.

    September 10, 2017 - 6:10 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      Hi Pooja, thanks for stopping by Leighton Literature and taking the time to comment!

      September 10, 2017 - 6:21 am Reply

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