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Travel Report: Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim, Hanoi.

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim Hanoi Vietnam

April 2018. A signature Hanoi dish, Bun Cha (grilled pork patties, rice noodles, sweet and sour broth) can be found all over the city and people say you’d be mad to come to Vietnam’s capital and not try it. I sought out this legendary Lonely Planet approved restaurant at 67 Duong Thanh Street. For many, this place does the city’s best Bun Cha, so off I went to see if it would live up to the hype.

April 2018. The restaurant is very popular with foreigners, who barely stopped filing in and out the whole time I was there. The women that run the joint are a hardworking, no-nonsense bunch and they run a very tight ship. From the moment you sit down the menu is brought over and they’ll expect you to quickly place your order. Once you’ve complied, expect the food to be in front of you in a matter of minutes.

April 2018. And what a feast it was! Drop your rice noodles into the broth alongside the pork. Add a touch of crushed garlic and a squeeze of lime before throwing on some greenery for a handsome looking mouth watering dinner. I also ordered a side of Nem Cua, delicious crab-filled spring rolls. Oh, and a bottle of Saigon Special to round things off. Perfect.

April 2018. My Bun Cha moments before I destroyed it. I may have gone a bit overboard with the crushed garlic, much to the amusement of the waitresses.

April 2018. The bill came to 110.000VND (£3.40/€3.90/$4.80). Not bad at all for my very first dinner in Vietnam, highly recommended!

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