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Travel Report: Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant, Hanoi.

Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant Hanoi

April 2018Hanoi is a wonderful place for foodies! Local specialties like Bun Cha and Banh Mi are a rite of passage, while there are also enough international options to cater to any craving, from Indian, French, Greek and Mexican, to American BBQ, English breakfasts, Chinese, Arabic and a thriving Sushi scene. Some of Hanoi’s most popular eateries are housed in gorgeous old French villas like this one on Tran Hung Dao.

April 2018. The restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists, though there are so many tables and chairs spread out across its three levels you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a seat. I arrived pretty early, before the 7pm rush, so was able to walk around at leisure, take photos and secure a choice terrace table overlooking the street.

April 2018. It wasn’t long before the place started to fill up. Happy to people watch and do a bit of writing before I ordered, I initially made do with a Hanoi beer and took my time leafing through the bulky 100-page menu.

April 2018. The restaurant specializes in Vietnamese street dishes from across the country with a modern twist. For starters, I opted for the very decent Ho Tay crispy shrimp & sweet potato pancakes with Hanoi Beer (62.000VND/£2.00/€2.30/$2.70).

April 2018After much deliberation, I went for a main of Filet Mignon served with fried egg, French fries, salad & fresh French bread priced at 110.000VND (£3.60/€4/$4.80). For fine dining that doesn’t even attempt to approach the bank, let alone break it, come and check out Nha Hang Ngon. It’s open daily from 08:00-22:30.

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