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Travel Report: Old Propaganda Posters & Paintings, Hanoi.

Old Propaganda posters and paintings Hanoi

April 2018. I was on my way to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum when I happened across this famous Hanoi store specializing in Vietnam War era artwork. I’d seen quite a few shops pedaling communist propaganda prints, but it was immediately clear to me that this place, with its immense collection of works in all shapes and sizes, was the real deal.

April 2018. The store is managed by a Hanoi-born mother (Tuyet) and daughter (Kim Chi) who’ve been running the business for over seventeen years! I was surprised to learn that they had no online presence at all and according to Kim Chi this was a tactical decision. “We want people to come to Hanoi” she smiled, “come to the store and meet us and learn about Vietnam history!”

April 2018. While I may not agree with all of the messages depicted in the posters, it’s almost impossible to deny the aesthetic beauty with their angular Soviet style and striking color schemes. The more I flipped through the hundreds of rice paper prints stacked up on the main table, the more fascinated I became.

April 2018. Richard Nixon features a lot, in various grotesque guises. I must have leafed through hundreds during the half an hour I spent in there and honestly I could have picked up a dozen or so to take home.

April 2018. In the end I decided to be sensible and purchase my favorite three. While I’ve decided not to reveal how much I paid for my swag (out of respect for Tuyet & Kim Chi), I will advise you to negotiate as you may be surprised by what you can get! The store, which is just steps away from St. Joseph’s Cathedral, is open daily from 08:00-22:00.

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