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Travel Report: Monkey Island – Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Monkey Island Halong Bay Vietnam

April 2018. I really enjoyed my boat tour with Green Trail! Beginning with a cruise through the peaceful waters of Lan Ha Bay, we eventually reached Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam’s most famous waters. There we were treated to swimming, kayaking and a delicious feast of freshly prepared local food. On the way back to Cat Ba Island we made one final stop at Monkey Island, with its small, pretty beach and rocky mountain trail.

April 2018. Just about every boat tour going stops at Monkey Island, so whether you like it or not chances are you’ll end up here for an hour or so. Luckily it wasn’t that busy when we stopped by on a late afternoon weekday. And the beach itself, with its thatched wooden hut restaurant and scattered trees, was much cleaner than expected. 

April 2018. True to its name, Monkey Island offers plenty of… monkeys. Who’d a thought? If you’ve never got up-close-and-personal with wild monkeys then you’ll no doubt be intrigued. As it happens, my extended trips around Asia have left be a bit monkeyed-out. A word of caution: as is often the case the monkeys are highly mischievous at best and more often than not downright hostile! These monkeys were hopping around all over the place digging their faces into discarded beer cans and ice cream wrappers, while one or two started hissing and even lunging at curious bystanders.

April 2018. The highlight of my brief visit to Monkey Island was the short but tricky walk up to the mountain peak. Doing this in flip-flops is NOT advised and frankly it’s a miracle I made it up to the top without breaking my ankle. But the views back down over the beach and across the bay made it all worthwhile!

April 2018. I can’t recommend Green Trail Travel enough as your trusted Halong Bay guide. My day tour of Lan Ha Bay, Halong Bay and Monkey Island was priced at 454.000VND (£14.90/€16.90/$20). For more info on the tour I took, check out my articles on the Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay segments of the cruise.

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