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Travel Report: The Imperial City Bonsai Exhibition Garden – Hue, Vietnam.

Bonsai exhibition garden The Imperial City Hue vietnam

April 2018. I’d more or less finished exploring the main grounds of Hue’s Imperial City when I stumbled upon this gorgeous Bonsai garden, accessed via the inner courtyard road. 

Bonsai garden The Imperial City Hue Vietnam

April 2018. The garden, which is actually a huge field, was quite possibly the highlight of all my Imperial City wanderings. Stuffed full of flowers, plants and some of the most stupendous Bonsais you’ll ever see, you can also climb the pretty little hillock for fine views across the garden and river.

Bonsai garden The Imperial City Hue Vietnam

April 2018. Take the short, stone staircase up to discover a leafy little shaded paradise, the kind of place you could settle down for a few hours with a good book.  

Bonsai garden The Imperial City Hue Vietnam

April 2018. The views from the top of the hillock were just wonderful! Note the glorious lack of human traffic! I’m not sure if people simply didn’t know about the garden or if the burning afternoon sunshine kept the masses to the main palace complex. Either way, the quiet and solitude totally worked for me!

Bonsai exhibition garden The Imperial City Hue Vietnam

April 2018. In the end I did meet someone else. He was an Italian-American from New York bemoaning the difficulty of meeting attractive, English speaking Vietnamese girls. He asked if I had any advice, which I agreed to dispense in return for one last Bonsai garden photo. ClickHue’s Imperial City is open daily from 08:00-17:30 except on Wednesdays when it enjoys extended access until 22:00. Entrance tickets are priced at 150.000VND (£5/€5.60/$6.50).

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