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Travel Report: Thuy Thanh Village – Hue, Vietnam.

Man with bike Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

April 2018. Surrounded by paddy fields and set along a section of the sleepy Nhu Y River, this traditional Vietnamese village lies just nine kilometers from the centre of Hue city. As soon as I heard about its famous covered bridge (I’ve got something of a fetish), I knew I had to make the trip and check it out.

Woman holding umbrella Thuy Thanh Village Hue

April 2018. The village was buzzing that day! It was a national holiday, which meant there were boat races out on the river and plenty of street food stalls for the increase in hungry stomachs. It was unspeakably hot, the women carrying umbrellas, the men drinking beer under awnings and napping in the shade.

Japanese Bridge Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

April 2018. Than Toan Bridge didn’t disappoint, a worthy addition to my ever-growing collection. The bridge was constructed in 1776 from local wood and features a pretty tiled roof. The interior includes a shrine to Tran Thi Dao, the local woman who played a key role in its construction. The wife of a high-ranking military officer, she became famous in the area as a kind-hearted anthropologist.

guard Japanese Bridge Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

April 2018. There were a couple of armed guards inside monitoring the foot traffic, which seemed a bit excessive. I’m not sure if they’re always there (hard to believe), or if perhaps it was just for the festival. One of them came over while I was taking a photo and tried shooing me along. I shot him a look that said: “really?” He merely chuckled in response and shuffled off back to his beer.

Old man Japanese Bridge Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

April 2018. This old dude caught my eye. He was standin’ smokin’ somethin’ in a drowsy haze, which drew no attention whatsoever from the soldiers. I guess you get to a certain age and you can do whatever you want. Thuy Tanh Village is a peaceful little spot and worth a few hours of your time if you can squeeze it in. I jumped onto the back of a moto taxi and was right in the heart of the action in about fifteen minutes. Bargain hard, I paid about 91000VND (£3/€3.40/$4) for the return journey.

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