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Travel Report: Dragon Bridge – Danang, Vietnam.

Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam

April 2018. I’ve seen some amazing bridges during my years of world travel, but certainly nothing even in the same ballpark as Danang’s Dragon Bridge. Straddling the graceful waters of Han River in the shape of a formidable golden dragon, this is Vietnam’s longest bridge at 666 meters. The bridge connects the city’s eastern and western parts; this shot was taken from the river promenade at the dragon’s tail end.

Dragon Bridge Danang tail end

April 2018. So enchanted was I on that first crossing that I made a point of tackling the bridge on foot at least once a day during my stay in Danang. It was opened in 2013 following a two-year construction period and indeed Danang’s mother dragon still has that fresh sheen.

Dragon Bridge Danang

April 2018. Locals here are really proud of the bridge, especially as the dragon is seen as a symbol of power, wealth and luck. You’ll see plenty of selfie-taking teens and families posing for group photos. Here and there the odd motorcyclist pulls up, shuffles over to the railings, lights up a cigarette and gazes out over the waterfront cafes, bars and restaurants.

April 2018. At nightfall you’ll see just why Dragon Bridge is so damn special. With the last traces of sun melting into the waters, on come over two thousand LED lights, flicking coquettishly between various colors. Gradually, the crowds begin to build and then, at 21:00, traffic is brought to a temporary standstill. What’s happening? Well… with anticipation having reached fever pitch, the dragon explodes into life with a frankly stunning display of fire breathing.

5. April 2018. As an added twist, and certainly one I hadn’t seen coming, the dragon follows up her fire antics by spraying unsuspecting visitors with a thick sheet of cooling water. It’s a wonderful moment, bodies scattering in all directions, the air punctuated with shrieks, gasps and giggles. Mobile phones are whipped under t-shirts, backpacks are hoisted over heads and umbrellas instinctively spring into life. One of Danang’s top experiences and one that doesn’t cost a penny!

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