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Travel Report: The Danang Coastline, Vietnam.

Non Nuoc Beach Danang Coastline Vietnam,

Danang’s coastline is just gorgeous and I’ll never forget the peaceful afternoon I spent taking in its numerous beaches. My eight and a half kilometer walk started here outside The Vinh Pearl Resort on Non Nuoc Beach. It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and, besides these two guys, there was nobody around.

Hyatt Regency Resort Danang Vietnam

April 2018. An hour or so into my walk and I began to get peckish. So I dipped into a beachfront café with tables and chairs peppered around a swimming pool. “Pick me!” screamed the menu’s Grilled Chicken Sticks with Peanut Satay Sauce & Green Mango Salad. So I did, along with an insanely refreshing peach and lime ice tea. I forget what I paid but it was a lot. “Excuse me, where am I?” I asked one of the minxy waitresses. “This is the Hyatt Regency Resort Sir” came her reply. Fair enough.   

Non Nuoc Beach Danang coast Vietnam

April 2018. It was a further thirty minutes or so of blissful solitude before I bumped into this fisherman scouring the sea for prime spots to drop his net. Dissatisfied with his latest attempts, I spotted him emerging from the sea with some theatrical tutting. He shot me a goofy smile, hopped on his bike and was gone in a matter of seconds.

My Khe Beach Danang coast Vietnam

April 2018. At some point Non Nuoc Beach gave way to Bai Tam T20 Beach and up sprang more hotels, cafes and sunbathing bodies. Gradually it began to get busier and busier until I arrived at the circus that is My Khe Beach. This is central Danang’s big tourist spot, which is good for some amusing people watching if nothing else. The white statue in the background is Lady Buddha, Vietnam’s tallest Buddha statue located on Son Tra (Monkey Mountain).

My Khe Beach Danang Vietnam

April 2018. My Khe Beach is always an action-packed affair. Teens play football, tots build sandcastles, thrill seekers go parasailing, old women hide under umbrellas and hand-in-hand couples dip their feet into the sea. And then there are the infinite group photos like this one. I managed to last about twenty minutes on My Khe before calling time on my coastline adventures. Heading back into town, I forged a route through the city streets and across Dragon Bridge to my comfy little guesthouse.

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