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Travel Report: Monkey Mountain (Son Tra) – Danang, Vietnam.

Linh Ung Pagoda, Monkey Mountain Danang

May 2018. It was my last day in Danang and, despite my overriding sense of apathy, I forced myself out of bed and took a taxi out to Son Tra, better known to foreign travellers as Monkey Mountain. Towering seven hundred meters above sea level, this national park was used as an American military base during The Vietnam War. Search around and you’ll find two surviving radar domes and a helicopter pad. Climb the short staircase at the park’s entrance to enter Linh Ung Pagoda, Monkey Mountain’s grand Buddhist temple.

Linh Ung Pagoda Monkey Mountain Danang Vietnam

May 2018. If you want to enter the main shrine you’ll need to cover up your legs. Luckily, there’s an attendant handing out trousers. This shot was taken just outside the main altar looking back at the pagoda’s entrance.

Lady Buddha Monkey Mountain Danang Vietnam

May 2018. This is Lady Buddha, the mountain’s iconic centerpiece, which can be seen for miles and miles across the coastline. Also known as The Goddess of Mercy, she’s actually a recent addition to the complex following a six year construction period completed in the summer of 2010. The shrines and altars at the statue’s base can be accessed for free.

Monkey Mountain Son Tra, Danang Vietnam

May 2018. This tower was pretty cool too, though despite my many attempts I’ve been unable to find out its name. It doesn’t get a mention in any of the Monkey Mountain guides and fittingly it was largely ignored that day, with all the tourist love going to Lady Buddha. 

Views of Danang from Monkey Mountain, Vietnam

May 2018. As pretty as Monkey Mountain’s sights are, if you’ve been around the block in Asia you won’t find anything here to blow you away. For the record I didn’t see any monkeys either, but then again I wasn’t too bothered as nothing could compare to the monkey madness of Khao Wang Palace in Phetchaburi, Thailand. For me the highlights of Danang’s Monkey Mountain were the views over the city and coastline. At the end of the day, this more than justified my trip out here.

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