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Travel Report: Tan Ky House – Hoi An, Vietnam.

Entrance Tan Ky House Hoi An Vietnam

May 2018. Located on 101 D Nguyen Thai Hoc, this two hundred year old town house is a popular stop on any self guided tour of Hoi An’s ancient quarter. Home to seven generations of the same merchant family, Tan Ky literally means “progress shop”, a reference to the desire for continued prosperity. It was built by Le Tan Ky, who was born in Hoi An as an orphan. Hardworking and entrepreneurial, but also kind and generous, he went on to own countless rice fields, farms and gardens. He also built this house as a home for his extended family! 

Tan Ky House Hoi ANn Vietnam

May 2018. Dark, cool and wonderfully atmospheric, Tan Ky is famed for being the best-preserved ancient town house in Hoi An. Both the architectural style and indeed the original home furnishings blend Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese styles.

Tan Ky House Hoi An Vietnam

May 2018. There’s not that much in the way of information for visitors, so it definitely pays to hang about for the scheduled staff presentations. From what I could gather there are English, French, Spanish and Chinese speakers among the Tan Ky team.

Shrine Tan Ky House Hoi An Vietnam

May 2018. A small shrine in the living room is for paying respects to the family’s deceased members. It’s also for the weather gods, as the house is situated right on the edge of the Thu Bon River and very prone to flooding. Indeed you can check out the various flood level marks on the back of the exterior.

Courtyard Tan Ky House Hoi An Vietnam

May 2018. The house is built around this tiny open courtyard, which now houses a stall selling trinkets and horoscope-related mumbo jumbo. Tan Ky House is open daily from 08:30-17:45.

Hoi An’s old town is a mesmerizing open-air museum of historical buildings. There are numerous booths selling tickets. The minimum purchase is a five-ticket stub priced at 120.000VND (£4/€4.45/$5.20).This allows you to pick and choose the buildings you want to enter. Do your research and choose well, your stub can be stretched out over several days. If you use all five and want to see more, just grab another stub!

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  • Mary Phillips

    I love rambling through others’ houses. These must be gems. Thanks for the tour of this one.

    August 8, 2018 - 10:43 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      You’d probably love Hoi An then, Mary. It’s pretty much an open-air museum full of people’s houses you can ramble through.

      August 8, 2018 - 10:45 am Reply

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