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Travel Report: Hoi An Night Market, Vietnam.

Hoi An Night Market Vietnam

May 2018. Hoi An is probably the most beautiful city from my four weeks of travelling around Vietnam. In the day you get wowed by the architectural beauty of the ancient quarter and by night it’s all about those beautiful lantern-lit streets down by the river. A wander down the city’s buzzing night market is essential too and indeed a stroll down here was an evening ritual during my stay.  

Colorful lanterns Hoi An Night Market Vietnam

May 2018. The colorful, silk lantern might well be the unofficial symbol of Hoi An. They bob from the trees, form ceilings to the streets of the ancient quarter and line the gorgeous bridge that connects the old town to the island of An Hoi where the night market is. In the market itself there are several grand stalls where you can pick up a little piece of Hoi An lantern heaven for yourself.

Mexican food stall Hoi An Night Market Vietnam

May 2018. Beyond the lanterns the night market’s goods offered little interest to me, with most of the stuff on offer failing to transcend kitschy knick-knackery. But happily there are some great food options! One of my favorite stalls was this vegetarian/vegan friendly Mexican joint run by a friendly Vietnamese man. I opted for a highly tasty Beef Taco with chopped veg & avocado sauce at 35000VND (£1.15/€1.30/$1.50).

Grilled coconut cakes Hoi An Night Market Vietnam

May 2018. There are some fascinating local delicacies on offer too, such as this sweet stall specializing in grilled coconut cakes. Set atop a light and fluffy pancake-bun, there are coconut shavings and crunchy nuts drowned in a thick chocolate sauce. Somewhat sloppily I forgot to note down the cost, but the price is so damn negligible it needn’t be a concern.

Barbecue meat sticks Hoi An Night Market

May 2018. As expected the market has a decent barbecue scene. This stall had everything from pork, beef, lamb and chicken to more experimental options such as frogs! I had to bargain with them for each stick as they were quoting me some pretty crazy prices for a simple chicken and veg skewer. If in doubt, try cutting them down by 50%. Hoi An Night Market kicks off each evening at 17:30-18:00. It usually starts winding down at about 21:00-21:30. The market extends out along Nguyen Hoang Street.

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  • natty4t

    Some especially fab photos. I love the one with the couple and lanterns. Stunning!

    August 14, 2018 - 10:29 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      Thanks, the lanterns are just ‘everywhere’ in Hoi An, one of the things that really give it character.

      August 14, 2018 - 11:28 am Reply

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