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Travel Report: Bai Huong Temple – Cham Island, Vietnam.

Bai Huong Temple Bai Huong Village Cham Island

May 2018. There is very little to Cham Island’s lazy Bai Huong Village. A lone market street, right on the beach, is home to a handful of restaurants and there are about half a dozen homestays scattered about the leafy residential streets. The only village sight is this rambling Buddhist temple just across from the pier.

Bai Huong Temple Bai Huong Village Cham Island.

May 2018. You can access the temple through a creaky gate. From there take a stroll through the somewhat wild garden until you reach this stone staircase. The pavilion at the top leads to the main altar and onto a garden courtyard.

Bai Huong Temple Bai Huong Village Cham Island

May 2018. The platform outside the main altar offers lovely views over Bai Huong’s stone pier and out to sea. You can see the village Buddha from all around the village.

Bai Huong Temple Bai Huong Village Cham Island

May 2018. From what I could gather three monks live in the temple and their rooms are set around this pretty garden courtyard, which also houses a communal bathroom. They grow their own fruit and veg and have constructed a beautiful tea corner, where an ever-ready crockery set serves the stone tables and benches.

Bai Huong Temple Bai Huong Village Cham IslandMay 2018. I almost missed the temple puppies altogether, such was the overriding sense of sleepiness. There was one scratching itself under a tree, another snoozing under a chair and this one half-napping in a little library at the back of the complex. As far as I could tell Bai Huong Temple is free to enter all around the clock. It’s a wonderfully low-key sight and indeed I couldn’t find any articles online about it. It’s cool to think this might be the first.

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