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Travel Report: Bai Xep Beach – Cham Island, Vietnam.

Bai Xep Beach Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. There are a number of gorgeous beaches on Vietnam’s Cham Island. This tiny one, expertly hidden between the villages of Bai Huong and Bai Lang, often gets missed altogether. Firstly it’s partly concealed from the main road, where one could easily pass by without even realizing it exists. Secondly it’s usually deserted, being not at all geared up for sunbathers. In fact, there are no parasols or chairs and no café or restaurant of any description.

Bai Xep Beach Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. A spot of shade to sit in and soak up the views out to sea would have been nice. As it was, my mid-afternoon visit couldn’t have been more poorly timed. The glare of the sun was so intense I couldn’t see a thing through my camera and I quickly felt the skin on the back of my neck burning.

Bai Xep Beach Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. With nowhere to escape to it literally felt like I was starting to cook! So I grabbed a few shots and continued on my journey to Bai Lang Village. I had no idea how my photos came out until much later when I got back to my homestay.

Dusk Bai Xep Beach Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. If you wanna swing by Bai Xep Beach, and believe me you do, come for around sunset. I ducked back down to take a look on my way back home that evening and… well… wow! Just me and a few likeminded locals out walking their dog.

Sunset Bai Xep Beach Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Bai Xep Beach is just a five-minute walk from Bai Lang Village in the west of Cham Island. There’s a discreet little sign on the side of the road partly obscured by bushes and drooping branches. If you’re coming by moto taxi all the locals know where to go, just ask for Bai Xep! (pronounced “buy shep”). 

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