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Travel Report: Bai Lang Village – Cham Island, Vietnam.

Bai Lang Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Bai Lang is Cham Island’s biggest and most developed village, but that’s not really saying much! Served by Hon Lao Port, there are a few residential lanes, a handful of restaurants and a modest stretch of beach. It took me about ten minutes to pass through on my way to nearby Bai Ong Beach.

Bai Lang Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Locals mostly inhabit the village main street with its lone general store, though there’s also a homestay for visitors. In the burning heat of the afternoon the street was deserted and indeed I caught glimpses of families napping through gaps in the awnings. One old guy, snoozing in a deckchair on his porch, suddenly flicked open an eye and looked at me as if I were crazy. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Bai Lang Pier Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. On the edge of the village, just before hitting the road that leads to Bai Ong Beach, I stopped at Hanh Phuong Restaurant to grab a cold drink and hide under the shade of some trees overlooking Bai Lang Pier. It was so damn hot and so comfortable there I ended up staying for a bit, dispatching a watermelon juice, an iced coffee, a lemon juice and the two complimentary cups of chilled green tea the waitress brought me.

Hanh Phuong Restaurant Bai Lang Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. It was just me, a couple of local teens playing games on their phones and the restaurant owner’s son, who’d long succumbed to the intense afternoon temperatures.

Bai Lang Beach Bai Lang Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Later that day, after a few hours at Bai Ong Beach, I passed back through Bai Lang Village around sunset and stood watching some local kids playing football on the beach. If you want to pick Bai Lang Village as your Cham Island base, check out Huynh Van Tri’s Homestay and Thu Trang’s Homestay. Both are located just a few minutes walk from the beach.

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