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Travel Report: Lau Thu Homestay – Cham Island, Vietnam.

Lau Thu Homestay Bai Huong Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Cham Island’s accommodation scene is still pretty undeveloped, with just a couple of hostels and a scattering of homestays that provide an authentic experience right in the home of a local family. Having read some excellent reviews online, I opted to stay with Lau Thu Homestay in Bai Huong Village. This modest two-floor house is set in a leafy residential road just a few minutes walk from the main street by the harbour. On arrival I was greeted by Mama and Papa, who offered me a much-needed cold drink, checked me in and showed me to my ground floor room. All smoothly done with not a word of English.

Bedroom Lau Thu Homestay Bai Huong Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. The facilities are pretty basic, but more than enough for a simple, comfortable stay. The bed doesn’t quite match Hilton Hotel standards and the mosquito net has clearly put in a solid shift but hey, this is rugged island life right? Besides, I was just overjoyed to see there was a functioning air con unit, which I certainly hadn’t been expecting. Lau Thu advertises Wifi but it didn’t work for me at all throughout my stay.

Lau Thu Homestay Bai Huong Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. As stated in my previous articles, there’s very little to do in Bai Huong. Once you’ve seen the temple, wandered the main street and dipped your feet in the sea, it’s all about eating and sleeping. Which, after three weeks of mostly solid Vietnam adventuring, suited me just fine.

Lau Thu Homestay Bai Huong Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. Mama and Papa are a right pair of characters and my opinion of them kept veering wildly between amusement, infuriation and, by the end, genuine fondness. On the one hand there were incessant reminders to take breakfast, lunch and dinner at their place, not to mention very cheeky price hiking of their various services such as snorkeling, sea fishing and motorbike taxis. Sometimes they were so chaotic with their prices I had no idea where I stood. But on the flipside they both had a great sense of humor, were genuinely interested in who I was and where I was from and their cooking was absolutely fantastic!

Lau Thu Homestay Bai Huong Village Cham Island Vietnam

May 2018. At the end of my stay I remember being a little concerned about what kind of bill I’d be presented with, what with all the various bits and bobs being added on by Mama and Papa along the way. I’d admittedly lost track of things a bit, as had the Polish couple also staying at Lau Thu. In the end their bill turned out to be a huge mess, with all kinds of miscalculations that had to be sorted out. But then, on my final night, Papa found out I was a travel blogger and suddenly I was getting offered free drinks and when I got my bill the next morning it was right on the button. In fact, Papa had graciously thrown in one of my motorcycle taxis for free. Heading to the harbour for my speedboat back to Hoi An, Papa Lau Thu insisted on personally delivering me to the boat and indeed stood there enthusiastically waving me off until the village gradually melted from view. Despite my mixed experience, I would still recommend Lau Thu! For more info check their website:

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