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Travel Report: Otres Beach 1 – Sihanoukville.

Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia

December 2015. It was December the 11th when Wonderboy and I arrived in the Cambodian town of Sihanoukville. The plan was simple, all we wanted was a few days of premeditated beach lazing and overeating. Our time in Battambang and Phnom Penh had been full-on! Consequently, it was high time to kick back and recharge. Heaven knows we needed some perspective on what we’d experienced. Not to mention the time and space to look ahead to the closing leg of our cross-country travels. Having booked into the decent, French-owned Pat Pat Guesthouse, all that was left to do was stroll down to the sleepy sands of Otres Beach 1. On arrival we pretty much had our pick of the parasols at Amber’s Bar.

Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia

Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville.

Happily we got exactly what we’d come for, with two glorious days of napping, chatting, snacking and swimming. It was the early days of my blog, then known as Leighton Literature, and long before I’d even started writing travel reports. However, I do remember working on some short stories that day under our umbrella while Wonderboy lay snoring in his deckchair.

Fruit lady Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia

Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville.

The only minor annoyance was the unwanted attention of the local fruit ladies, who swung by every half an hour with their fulsome baskets. With barely any other people about, all their attention was on us and it quickly got tiresome. Actually these women were masters in the time-honoured art of not taking no for an answer. When I asked if I could photograph this woman, she insisted I pay her a dollar for the privilege.

Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia

Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville.

Otres Beach 1 is supposed to be Sihanoukville’s busiest stretch of sand. What can I say, I guess December was the right time to go! The highlight of our stay was probably the two-kilometer sunset walk we took down to Otres Beach 2. Just head south and enjoy those views out over The Gulf of Thailand. It was perfectly peaceful that day and the weather was comfortably warm. This was a nice change from the unbearable suffocation that had informed the bulk of my time in Siem Reap.

Sunset Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia

Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville.

During that beach walk I remember coming across armies of tiny crabs scurrying about like Dali-esque stop motion beasts. As we drew closer, they’d disappear down into the little holes they’d made for themselves in the sand. Otres Beach 1 is about five kilometers from Sihanoukville’s drab city centre. The best way to get here is by tuk-tuk, but be ready for the drivers to quote you CRAZY prices. $2 was the going rate at the time of my visit.

Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia.

Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the years since my visit, Sihanoukville has undergone some dramatic changes. And, from what I hear, not for the better. According to online reports the city has been transformed by huge Chinese investment. Over $4 billion has gone into power plants, offshore oil operations and towering casino hotels.

Furthermore, there is even a local gangster scene with prostitution, street violence and a bar shooting back in July 2018. From what I understand the Otres beaches are still safe to visit if you stay on the main strip, though the area is rapidly losing its charm. It would certainly be a good idea to check the latest news ahead of your planned visit!

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