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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Port of Castro Urdiales Spain

August 2015. Welcome to one of the most picture perfect coastal towns you could ever hope to visit. With its mediaeval church and castle, pretty beach and arcaded squares, the joy of Castro Urdiales is simply to wander about on foot marveling at its prettiness. Start here at the port with its 130 or so moorings laid out by the Yacht Club (Real Club Nautico de Castro Urdiales). As with most of northern Spain the fishing industry is in huge decline, but the port is impeccably kept and it’s great to simply admire it from one of the tapas cafes.

Promenade Castro Urdiales Spain

August 2015. A walk down Castro’s fine promenade is a must too, with its row of shops, cafes and restaurants on one side, the Bay of Biscay bleeding out into the horizon on the other.  You can take it all the way from Santa Maria Church to the far end of Brazomar Beach leading into Cotolino Park.

Fisherman statue Castro Urdiales Spain

August 2015. Castro Urdiales is clearly proud of its fishing heritage and as such you can see a number of fishermen statues peppered around town. This one is located near the entrance of the Castillo.

El Pedregal Castro Urdiales Spain

August 2015. Castro Urdiales has two main beaches, the popular Brazomar Beach right in the centre of town and the larger, quieter, Ostende Beach, a thirteen-minute walk northwest of Santa Maria Church. Ostende is nothing to write home about but well worth the walk over, especially as you can stop by this amazing natural swimming pool, known locally as El Pedregal. It’s a beautiful and curious spot where the sea slides through holes in the cliff to form a craggy, almost secretive cove.

Cotolino Park Castro Urdiales Spain

August 2015. My favorite spot in all of Castro Urdiales is right here on the cliffs at the end of Cotolino Park. This is where I would come to sit under the lone tree gazing out across the Bay of Biscay. It was the perfect place to do some reading or listen to music, my own private Castro nook.

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  • Mary Phillips

    When we were in Spain we did not visit Castro Urdiales. I wish we had!

    December 19, 2018 - 9:11 pm Reply
    • leightonliterature

      Glad you liked the overview Mary, it’s a lovely little corner of the country and easily accessible from Bilabo, Santander and San Sebastian.

      December 19, 2018 - 10:21 pm Reply

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