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Travel Report: Bangkok to Ayuthaya By Train, Thailand.

Hua Lamphong Train Station Bangkok

April 2015. I didn’t embark on many train journeys during my travels around Thailand. As much as I love rail travel, I’d read that the Thai train system is clunky, slow and unreliable and so it proved during my first and only such trip in The Land Of Smiles. The journey from Bangkok to Ayutthaya leaves from Hua Lamphong Train Station and was supposed to take a brisk two hours and ten minutes.

The train from Bangkok to Ayuthaya Thailand

I remember my train being late that day, somewhere in the region of twenty minutes or so according to my notes. We didn’t seem to be doing much to make up for lost time either as we crawled almost reluctantly through the Thai countryside. The train itself was old but clean enough and quite charming in its own way. It was early days on my great Thai adventure so I was still a little wide-eyed and full of good grace.

Old Thai man the train from Bangkok to Ayuthaya Thailand

We were barely half an hour into the journey when the train stopped unexpectedly and sat in the middle of nowhere for half an hour. Coinciding with the end of a Breaking Bad episode, I decided to kill some time by grabbing sneaky shots of my fellow passengers, all of whom were Thai. In terms of discretion, it definitely helps when they fall asleep for you!

Old Thai woman train from Bangkok to Ayuthaya

I recall the mood on the train being surprisingly subdued. Everyone was quietly doing their own thing as we plodded towards our destination. It was a far cry from the shouty obnoxiousness of Chinese train journeys or indeed the super modern, high-speed experience I had in Korea where every other person seemed to be wearing a suit and tapping away on iPads.

Thai boy train from Bangkok to Ayuthaya Thailand

This little guy had been watching me for over an hour. It began with sneaky glances through the gap in the seats before being upgraded to him actually getting up and standing right next to me to see what was going on with Walter White and Jessie Pinkman. So naturally I made sure to give him a dose of his own medicine. In the end the trip from Bangkok to Ayuthaya took just over three hours. I paid something lime 40THB for the privilege (£1/€1.10/$1.25) for a 3rd class ticket.

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