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Travel Report: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.

Shibuya Crossing & Q Front Building Tokyo

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February 2019. There are a bunch of reasons to come to Tokyo’s Shibuya Station. Be sure to say hello to Hachiko, a statue of Japan’s most celebrated dog, along with the adjacent Hachiko Family Mural. Then, join the streaming crowds for a stride across Shibuya Crossing, a five-pronged scramble said to be the world’s busiest intersection. This is quite possibly Tokyo’s most iconic spot, the city’s very own Times Square if you will.

February 2019. My first glimpse of the madness came here within Shibuya Station when I was looking for the Hachiko exit. One of the the best overviews comes from the Starbucks on the other side. But be prepared for long lines, a minimum charge on exceptionally busy days and more often than not no free windows once you get up to the lounge. In the end this free station view did me just fine as I anticipated the prospect of doing the scramble myself.

Q Front Building Shibuya Crossing Tokyo

The Q Front Building – Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.

February 2019. It’s literally no more than a dozen steps from Hachiko to one of Shibuya Crossing’s intersections. So off I traipsed to join the line and wait for the lights to turn green. They say up to 3000 people do the scramble at peak times and although it was busy as hell during my visit, it clearly wasn’t as bad as that. The Shibuya Station intersection takes you directly over to The QFront Building, the giant shopping mall that towers over the entire affair.

February 2019. I have to admit that I spent a fair bit of time walking back and forth across Shibuya Crossing! It was great fun watching all the bodies stream past me and the adrenalin rush of the middle, where a whole bunch of people briefly meet as they crisscross off in different directions. I couldn’t help of course but think of Scarlett Johansson’s gorgeous, wide-eyed Charlotte doing the scramble herself in Lost In Translation.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo.

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo.

February 2019. Having trotted up and down Shibuya Crossing to my heart’s content it was time to explore the Shibuya area, which turned out to be little more than a soulless warren of manic shopping streets and overpriced cafes, bars and restaurants. Instead of wasting my money there, I eventually headed off to dinner at The Vampire Cafe in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Which meant I needed to get back on the Subway at Shibuya Station. So there was time for one last run on the crossing and an opportunity to see it in night mode.

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