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It’s been a crazy month for Leighton Literature! Uh, scratch that… Leighton Travels! I guess after five years it seems I’m gonna need some time to adjust. It’s been quite a hectic period recently. First came the new logo creation, then the domain name change. Not to mention the actual redesign itself followed by the relaunch of the entire site. Meanwhile, endless reformatting and reposting of old articles continues unabated.

Moreover, there’s been another exciting development! As of October 2019 Leighton Travels (there we go!) is delighted to be working with Kimchibytes!

“Kimchibytes, a blog sounding board for people to share their thoughts and opinions about South Korea and beyond!”

Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street Daegu South Korea.

Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street Daegu. April 2019.

Over the next few months, they’ll be republishing my series of travel reports from the city of Daegu in South Korea. In fact, Kimchibytes has a whole host of articles on South Korea themselves, hence it felt like a natural collaboration from both sides. I’d like to thank Kimchibytes maestro Ashley for taking the time to read my short story series Incident in India, before getting in touch with the offer of a collaboration.

Coming soon to Leighton Travels, extended and reformatted travel reports from Italy, Malaysia and Morocco, along with new additions to my London page.

Thanks for reading!

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