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Travel Report: Taihe Mall – Quanzhou, China.

Taihe Mall Quanzhou Fujian province China

February 2018. They really know how to make a giant mall in China! Wonderboy and I were on our way back from Quanzhou’s Xunpu Oyster Village when we spotted a hulking collection of shiny towers at the side of the motorway. So we dipped into Taihe Mall, treated ourselves to a Burger King and did some exploring.

Chinese New Year lanterns Taihe Mall Quanzhou Fujian Province China

Taihe Mall, Quanzhou.

Taihe Mall was in Chinese New Year mode that day, with hanging lanterns, glitzy banners and a psychedelic forest of fake Japanese cherry blossom trees.

Taihe Mall Quanzhou Fujian Province China

Taihe Mall, Quanzhou.

The mall has every creature comfort a foreign traveller may need. They’ve got a Starbucks, a KFC, a McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Lo and behold, they even have a Watson’s pharmacy, with actual western toiletries, not to mention an IMAX cinema. Furthermore, there’s a killer selection of foreign food outlets, in addition to some fancy Chinese restaurants.

Taihe Mall, Quanzhou.

Ferris Wheel Quanzhou Fujian Province China

Taihe Mall, Quanzhou.

An electric train wheels kiddies around Taihe Mall’s outer complex, which includes a huge retail village set on either side of a stream connected by an arched bridge. Don’t expect to get on Taihe Mall’s ferris wheel! When we tried, the self-service machine was covered up with a large green blanket. “Get ticket downstairs from booth!” barked the attendant. But when I poked my head through the open counter window I discovered the office was empty. We waited and waited, but soon got bored and left.

Not Wild Bar Taihe Mall Quanzhou Fujian Province

Taihe Mall, Quanzhou.

A few minutes after that we came upon this hilarious place. “Come, come! To the bar where nothing remotely interesting ever happens!”

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