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Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen, China.

Visit Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China.

August 2017. Hulishan Fortress is one of Xiamen’s most defining landmarks, a sprawling granite castle perched atop a rocky hill in the south of the island. Built in 1894 in the dying days of the Qing Dynasty, the fort was home to some of the world’s most powerful cannons. Furthermore, the fortress went on to play a key role in China’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression.

Hulishan Fortress Cannon Fort Xiamen China.

Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen.

Many of Hulishan’s original cannons are still on display throughout the fortress. It’s certainly a beautiful compound, with landscaped gardens, gargantuan banyan trees, vibrant rose bushes and a cactus garden connected by stone paths. 

Hulishan Fortress Cannon Park Xiamen China.

Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen.

Along the route, you’ll pass through a military barracks, a secret tunnel and an ammunition depot.

German Krupp cannon Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China

The impressive German Krupp cannon at Hulishan.

Climb to Hulishan’s lofty peak and you’ll find the fort’s most prized possession. This massive nineteenth century German Krupp Cannon is apparently the largest and oldest breechloader in existence! Similarly, it’s one of the world’s heaviest cannons at an impressive eighty-seven tons. It also has a firing range of up to twenty kilometres. However, getting near the old girl can prove tricky. Indeed I simply gave up waiting as group after group of tourists line up for a photo or two. Or ten… or three hundred.

Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen.

Sea views from Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China.

Views across the Taiwan Strait on a foggy day.

Even if you’re not bothered about all the cannons, Hulishan Fortress is still worth a visit simply for the views. I took this one from the main platform looking out over a foggy Taiwan Strait.

Baicheng Beach from Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China.

Baicheng Beach from the fortress.

This shot takes in nearby Baicheng Beach, just a short walk from the fortress. 

Hulishan Fortress cannon park Xiamen China.

Cannon fun at Hulishan.

This old guy provides an additional dose of cannon related fun for all the family. Basically, see if you can blast a prize off one of the shelves. It’s harder than it looks, but even if you don’t hit anything Mr. Cannon is on hand to cheer you up with a goofy smile and a complimentary pack of chewing gum. Everyone’s a winner at Hulishan Fortress!

Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China

Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen.

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