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Travel Report: The Jumeirah Hotel – Nanjing, China.

The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing China

October 2018. If you’ve got some serious cash to splash and are having trouble getting rid of it all, why not consider a stay at The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing? Located in one of Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre’s two stunning twin towers, the hotel has 212 luxurious suites spread out between the 41st and 67th floors.

The hotel is pretty new, having opened in September 2018. This was just a few weeks before Jaylin and I arrived in the city for Golden Week. This is actually China’s second Jumeirah hotel after Shanghai. Moreover, I was surprised to learn that there are only twenty three in the world!

The Jumeirah Hotel by night Nanjing China

The Jumeirah Nanjing.

I should state right from the off that we didn’t actually stay at Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing! Jaylin and I were based just across the road in the thoroughly decent (and much cheaper) Nanjing Expo Center Hotel. Every day, as we walked to the local subway station and back, we passed the towering form of The Jumeirah. One night, absolutely drained after a day battling the crowds at Xiaoling Tomb of The Ming Dynasty, we decided to pay the Jumeirah a visit.

Lobby The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing China

The Jumeirah Nanjing.

Putting on some smart clothes, we hopped across the road to enquire at reception. This is the impressive lobby, where the woman informed us that yes, we were welcome to go up to the 67th floor where there’s a seafood restaurant and bar. The elevator whooshed us up in a matter of seconds, delivering us into a sleek, dimly lit room with amazing views out over the city and The Yangtze River.

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing.

The Nanjing Eye from the 67th floor of Jumeirah Nanjing China.

The Nanjing Eye from the 67th floor of Jumeirah Nanjing.

What we’d really been hoping for was some peace and quiet after a couple of truly hectic days. And happily, that’s exactly what we got!

Zhuo Xian Seafood Restaurant & Bar Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing China

The 67th floor bar at Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing.

There were no more than half a dozen people quietly chilling around the bar. I went for a German draft beer, Jaylin had a mocktail and there was a complimentary bowl of nuts. The bill came to 197RMB (£22/€25/$29).

Zhuo Xian Seafood Restaurant & Bar Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing China

The Jumeirah Nanjing.

Just around the corner from the bar there’s an equally stylish café called Chocolatini, “a chocolate and martini concept bar”. They do incredible desserts, coffees and hot chocolates and are open from 12:00-22:00.

Chocolatini Chocolate and Martini Bar Jumeirah Nanjing.

Chocolatini Bar, Jumeirah Nanjing.

You can find The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing in the southwest of the city on the edge of the Youth Olympic Sports Park. The nearest subway station is Yuantong (Line 1 red). Take Exit 4 and it’s about a 10-15 minute walk. The hotel is perfectly placed in the heart of the business district, just a short walk from The Olympic Museum and The Nanjing Eye.

For more info on this amazing hotel, pay a visit to The Jumeirah Nanjing’s website.

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