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Travel Report: Suzhou Museum, China.

Fish pond Suzhou Museum Jiangsu Province China

December 2018. Covering all of Suzhou’s plentiful sights in just five days requires good planning and a strong pair of legs. Especially for someone like me who tries to do as much as I can on foot. When I was researching my trip back in Ruian, I initially thought I’d skip Suzhou Museum. I’ve never been a history buff and struggle to get excited by glass cases of pots, pans and farming tools. But then I realised the museum was right next door to the Humble Administrator’s Garden on Dongbei Road. Furthermore, it’s free to enter! So I pushed all those meh reviews to the back of my head and ducked inside to grab some shots for a cheeky wee article.

Art Gallery Suzhou Museum Jiangsu Province China

Suzhou Museum.

Suzhou Museum is an exceptionally modern space with a cubist geometric design. Bypassing the aforementioned pots and pans, I spent some time wandering through a contemporary art gallery, featuring up and coming artists from across China.

Suzhou Museum.

Traditional costume Suzhou Museum Jiangsu Province China

Suzhou Museum.

The museum also features a cool section on traditional Chinese clothing. Apparently Suzhou used to be famed for its textile factories as far back as the Song and Yuan dynasties. It was also a major centre for silk production. This exhibition focuses on China’s developing fashion trends in association with the historical rise of decorative arts.

Suzhou Museum Cafe Jiangsu Province China

Suzhou Museum.

Suzhou Museum has further exhibitions on calligraphy, paintings and handmade crafts. All of which failed to hold my attention. Actually, the only thing I could focus on was the smell of coffee. Hence I followed it down to the ground floor museum café, a beautiful space overlooking a small bamboo garden.

Suzhou Museum Jiangsu Province China

Suzhou Museum.

I ended up staying at Suzhou Museum Café for two hours! The waiter was really friendly and the wifi surprisingly solid! Moreover, the coffee was decent (albeit expensive) and the reindeer cake… well I couldn’t help myself! It was Christmas Day and I had the perfect setup for blogging duties, played out to a backdrop of Christmas carols. For this perfect little spot alone, I’m glad  I swung by!

For more on the actual exhibitions themselves, have a look at Suzhou Museum’s official website.

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