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Travel Report: Saint Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery, Macau.

Saint Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau.

February 2018. “Mate, check out that green church!” exclaimed Wonderboy. We were standing at the top of Guia Hill Fortress just across from the lighthouse, peering out over the beautiful landscape of Macau Peninsula. Even with all the amazing skyscrapers on offer, it was Saint Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery that stood out from the crowd with its seemingly glowing pastel greenness. “Let’s go find it!” I said.  

Visit Saint Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau.

Saint Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

Located near Tap Seac Square on Estrado do Cemeterio (Cemetery Road), St. Michael’s Chapel and Cemetery is a real oasis from the surrounding hustle and bustle of downtown Macau. When we arrived there were literally no other visitors. Just us and a team of dedicated gardeners hosing down the stone paths and sweeping up leaves.

Inside Saint Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau

Saint Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

Built in 1875, St. Michael’s Chapel is like a charming one room dollhouse. Head inside to admire its pretty porticoes, white walls, wooden benches and a stained glass window that filters in multicoloured light.

Saint Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

St Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau.

St Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

If you’re a weirdo like me and you actually like cemeteries, you could spend a while here checking out all the headstones and their engravings. In fact, St. Michael’s is Macau’s largest catholic graveyard and the oldest in the peninsula to still accept new burials.

Graveyard St Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau.

St Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

St. Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery is free to enter and open daily from 10:00-18:00.

Graveyard Saint Michael's Chapel & Cemetery Macau.

St Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

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