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Travel Report: Seac Pai Van Park, Macau.

Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

February 2018. After five nights in the hustle and bustle of Macau Peninsula, I was definitely in need of a change of pace. Happily then, a day spent strolling around Coloane Island provides just that. Start your wanderings here at Seac Pai Van Park, Macau’s largest natural green area. Once home to farmland, the park’s creators transformed the land into a protected animal park.

Flamingo enclosure Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

Seac Pai Van Park.

Just follow the various paths that wind around the park. There’s no particular direction you have to follow, you can go as you please. Along the way you’ll see flamingos at the central reservoir, as well as an aviary, ostriches and all manner of primates. Moreover, there are enclosures dedicated to the endangered squirrel monkey and the red panda.

Red panda at Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau.

One of Macau’s red pandas.

Stop for a moment along the way to check out this quirky tribute to an old transit plane used in the 1930s. Used to transport goods and people between Macau and Portugal, one day it crashed and its remains were brought back to Macau. Eventually, the good folk at the park pieced it back together and installed it here for show.

Plane Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

Seac Pai Van Park.

If you’ve never seen pandas in China, this has got to be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to see these amazing animals up close. The park houses three giant pandas and we were lucky enough to arrive during breakfast when the trio was enthusiastically tucking into a mountain of bamboo. Entrance fee to the panda pavilion is usually 10HKD (£0.90 €1 $1.30). However, on the day of our visit entry was free during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Seac Pai Van Park, Macau.

Panda enclosure Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

The Seac Pai Pandas.

To learn more about the plight of the Chinese Panda and indeed the other animals protected here, check out the small, kid-friendly information centre with interactive exhibits.

Animal protection museum Seac Pai Van Park Macau.

Seac Pai Van Park.

Seac Pai Van Park is open daily from 09:00-18:00. The best time to see the pandas is between 11:00-12:00 and last access is taken at 17:00. You can stay in the pavilion for an hour and take as many photos as you want as long as you don’t use flash.

Chinese New Year Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

Happy Chinese New Year from Macau!

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