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Travel Report: Jinhua Architecture Park Part II, China.

Snack Space Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

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August 2018. I’d already been exploring Jinhua Architecture Park for over an hour when I came across this collection of pocket-sized structures titled Snack Space. Unlike many of the other pavilions, all the rooms here were locked up. In fact, as I went from block to block, it seemed to be under renovation. There were bags of cement, piles of bricks and strewn litter. Even the surrounding lawns had been dug up into mud squares. As architectural snacking goes, this wasn’t much of a feed.

Sunset Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

Jinhua Architecture Park, China.

Jinhua Architecture Park, China.

Sunset at Jinhua Architecture Park was lovely! Thus I would thoroughly recommend arriving a few hours prior to sundown. This way, you’ll get to explore at a time when the park is largely deserted. Then, just pick out a good spot to enjoy the shifting colours over both the buildings and the Yiwu River.

Sunset Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

Jinhua Architecture Park, China.

Jinhua’s locals flock here for sunset, particularly on the main tarmac path that runs alongside the riverfront. They don’t get many foreign visitors, so expect plenty of staring, waving, giggling and phones getting pointed at you. I even remember a woman literally shoving her son in front of me and forcing him to say hello.

Exhibition Room.

One of the park’s most idllic sunset spots is Exhibition Room, by the Mexican artist Tatiana Bilbao. The building had been earmarked as an art studio and gallery before the project’s demise. Nevertheless, it’s cool to scramble up the rocky incline and onto the roof for choice views in all directions.

Ancient Tree.

Ancient tree Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

Ancient Tree.

My final stop came at Ancient Tree, a biblical-looking concrete creation by the appropriately named Christ & Gantenbein Architects from Switzerland. It’s a popular spot for people to sit snacking. Hence I had to wait for a bit before I could grab an unimpaired photo.

Visit Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang Province China.

Jinhua Architecture Park, China.

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  • Memo

    Why do the locals go there if nothing is open?

    June 3, 2020 - 8:01 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      The buildings are set in a massive public park. The parkland itself is still maintained and beautifully located on the edge of the river. Just the buildings are these rotting shells of what should have been shops, galleries, museums and teahouses.

      June 3, 2020 - 8:07 pm Reply

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