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Travel Report: Wenhong Bridge, Taishun County.

Wenhong Bridge Taishun County China.

Wenhong Bridge Taishun County.

November 2017. Not to be confused with its neighbor Wenchong Bridge, we happened across Wenhong Bridge whilst driving in search of Wenxing Bridge on the outskirts of Xiaochun Village. Confused? I know we were!!! 

Inside Wenhong Bridge Taishun County China.

Wenhong Bridge, Taishun County.

Of all the bridges we’d seen thus far across Taishun County, Wenhong Bridge was our first brand new build. Unveiled in late 2014, this is one of the region’s freshest structures. Moreover, the bridge is the source of some controversy among locals.

Wenhong Bridge, Taishun County.

Apparently, some Taishun residents consider new bridges like this tacky and a slur upon the area’s history. However, others claim these new bridges are helping local communities, providing a boost to tourism and assisting farmers with better land management.  

Wenhong Bridge Taishun County.

Wenhong Bridge shrine.

Wenhong Bridge is quite unique in that it comes with its own Buddhist shrine! Just a few meters away, a pair of local labourers hammered at the bones of a small wood and brick building. Curious, Amy went to ask one of the men what they were working on. He explained that the structure would soon be unveiled as The Wenhong Bridge Public Toilet!

Wenhong Bridge toilet Taishun County China.

Wenhong Bridge Public Toilet.

Having sauntered across Wenhong Bridge’s shiny interior, I instinctively scooted down a farmland trail to grab a shot from the other side.

Wenhong Bridge Taishun County China.

Wenhong Bridge, Taishun County.

What Wenhong Bridge lacks in historical authenticity, it certainly makes up for with its rural views. I don’t think the place gets many visitors. In fact, even the local goats looked puzzled by the sight of me!

What to see and do Taishun County Zhejiang Province China.

Farmland surrounding Wenhong Bridge.

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