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Travel Report: Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

Wenxing Bridge Taishun County.

November 2017. Of all the bridges I saw during my trip to Taishun County, my favourite has to be Wenxing Bridge. Located deep in the arse end of nowhere on the edge of Xiaochun Village, I inadvertently stumbled upon both Wenchong Bridge and Wenhong Bridge in the process of tracking this one down.

Taishun County, China.

Taishun County, China.

Finding Wenxing Bridge wasn’t the most straightforward affair. Coming off the main road before Xiaochun Village, we ended up rumbling down a gravelly road for a bit. Eventually, a giant digger appeared, halting our progress altogether. Hence we parked up, checked with a construction worker that we were on the right track and pushed ahead on foot.

Wenxing Bridge Taishun County China.

Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

Perched dramatically above the Yu Stream, and surrounded by wonderfully autumnal farmland, Wenxing Bridge literally took my breath away. According to the local blurb, this is a stoplog wooden arch lounge bridge. It was constructed in 1857 during the reign of Qing Emperor Xianfeng. In the 1990s it underwent considerable reconstruction following major flood damage.

Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

Taishun County China.

Views over The Yu Stream from Wenxing Bridge.

From the bridge’s interior, we looked out over the Yu stream, immediately spotting a local community of bobbing ducks. There were also some chickens pecking around at the base of the bridge. It was all very peaceful and rustic. 

Chickens Taishun County Zhejiang Province China.

Meeting the locals at Wenxing Bridge.

The stream extends beyond the other side of Wenxing Bridge, which has lovely views of some unspoilt Taishun County farmland. 

Visit Taishun County.

Views from Wenxing Bridge.

These steps stand at the far end of the bridge, next to a row of stone tablets detailing Wenxing’s history. The steps lead to a tiny hilltop hamlet of just three small farmhouses. There was also a very angry dog, which made further investigations unadvisable. Thus I decided not to push my luck and headed back down.

Taishun County Zhejiang Province.

Taishun County, China.

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