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Beijing Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park China

Beijing Olympic Park.

In September 2018 I found myself back in China’s bustling capital for the first time in three and a half years. I’d come to catch up with some good friends, revisit old haunts and write up a bunch of fresh travel reports. I’d wanted to do blogging justice to Beijing Olympic Park for quite some time. In fact, I’d last been here way back in January 2010 when S and I came to see a winter wonderland theme park inside the amazing Bird’s Nest stadium. We had not been disappointed. 

The Bird's Nest National Stadium Beijing

The Bird’s Nest National Stadium, January 2010.

Finally, nearly nine years later, I got my chance to explore Beijing Olympic Park a little deeper. And so I set off with my friend Lily on what was only a moderately smoggy morning. Exploring at our leisure, we spent the better part of our day here checking out the sights. To find out more, have a read of my travel reports on:

The Olympic Green

The Bird’s Nest (National Stadium)

The Bird’s Nest: Top Wonder Air Corridor

The Water Cube (National Aquatics Center)

Museum of the Moon (The Water Cube)

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