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In October 2015 I jetted off to Cambodia for what would become a two and a half month adventure. Setting myself up in the city of Siem Reap, I did a short spell of English teaching before hitting the open road. It was a great adventure, featuring some of the world’s most stunning temples, a traditional river village, bamboo trains and tropical beaches.

There was also a unique national park, an evening sky invaded by a million bats and some harrowing memorials to the country’s dark history. Along the way I also met a dude on a bus who ended up becoming one of the great friends of my life.

Nose to nose Bayon Temple Angkor Siem Reap Cambodia

Bayon Temple, Cambodia. November, 2015.

Furthermore, I returned to Cambodia in 2020 for an extended period of writing and travelling. With its relaxed visa laws, low cost of living and western friendly cafes and restaurants, I figured this would be a good long term base for a digital nomad such as myself.

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