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Things to see and do in Casablanca

Palace of Justice, Casablanca. October, 2008.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine” –  Rick Blaine.

The Moroccan city of Casablanca dates back to 1515 when the Portuguese built a settlement here comprised mainly of whitewashed houses. Casa blanca literally translates as white house, though it was actually the Spanish who named it so during the eighteenth century.

I’ve always loved the movie Casablanca. So naturally this fascinating Moroccan city had been high up on my bucket list for years. Especially as you can go and have dinner at Rick’s Cafe, a five star restaurant modelled on the bar in the movie.

Visit Rick's Cafe Casablanca.

Rick’s Cafe, Casablanca. October, 2008.

For me this was a good enough reason to go in its own right. But thankfully there’s way more to Casablanca than just that. First of all there’s the small matter of one of the world’s most impressive mosques. Furthermore, I loved the laid back feel of the city’s sleepy squares, dusty backstreets and cosy cafes. You’ll also discover a vibrant market scene, including the Old Medina, Maarif Market and Habous Olive Market.

I’ve already given away too much. Therefore, without further ado, cast your eyes over my articles on:

Hassan II Mosque 

Rick’s Cafe

Casablanca Cathedral 

& my choice spots from across the city.

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