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Travel Report: St Columba’s Cathedral, Oban.

July 2019. For the umpteenth time I promised myself that I wouldn’t do any church articles. After all, I would have my hands more than full with a wide range of delightful location reports from across Oban, right? Well, yeah. But then, as fate would have it, someone had built a massive cathedral right next […]

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Travel Report: Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Cumin’s Church – Morar, Scotland.

June 2019. There are some truly lovely spots in and around The Silver Sands of Morar, near the Scottish village of Morar. After an hour wandering up and down the sands, we jumped back into the car and made the twelve minute drive to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Cumin’s Church. Overlooking Loch […]

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Travel Report: Whittingehame Church, Scotland.

May 2019. The late evening light was rapidly fading when we arrived at Whittingehame Church. After an incredibly fun afternoon exploring the sights of East Lothian’s country lanes, we’d finally reached our last stop. Located in the dictionary definition of middle of nowhere in the heart of some lovely Scottish countryside, this certainly isn’t your average […]

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Travel Report: Casablanca Cathedral, Morocco.

October 2008. You would never guess it just from gazing up from the outside, but things are not quite as they seem at Casablanca Cathedral. This impressive Neo-gothic building, peppered with Art Deco and Muslim touches, announced itself to the world in 1930. At that time Casablanca was under French rule and indeed the church’s […]

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