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Travel Report: Jinhua Ham Museum, China.

Jinhua Ham Museum. August 2018. Ok kids, it’s quiz time! And in the interests of cutting straight to the chase, I’ll hit you with this article’s all-important question. From where did dry-cured ham originate?  It’s Spain right? Everyone knows about Spanish jamón. Not least myself, as I was lucky enough to live in the Spanish […]

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Travel Report: Jinhua Architecture Park Part II, China.

 Want to get the full picture? Start here with part I. August 2018. I’d already been exploring Jinhua Architecture Park for over an hour when I came across this collection of pocket-sized structures titled Snack Space. Unlike many of the other pavilions, all the rooms here were locked up. In fact, as I went from […]

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Travel Report: Jinhua Architecture Park Part I, China.

August 2018. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city oasis like Jinhua Architecture Park! Moreover, the story of its creation and eventual abandonment is a tale to raise even the most lethargic of eyebrows. Spread out across a two kilometre stretch of The Yiwu River, Jinhua Architecture Park was created by the talented and […]

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