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Travel Report: How To Get Into Nanjing Massacre Memorial During China’s Golden Week Part I

October 2018. Introduced by the government back in 1949 to commemorate the founding of The People’s Republic, China’s Golden Week is an annual national holiday that falls between the 1st and 7th of October. This is a holiday period like no other in the world, with just about half the population scampering around the country to reunite with family […]

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Travel Report: Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Nanjing.

October 2018. A number of Nanjing’s most historical sites can be found within the grounds of Zhongshan National Park. Having already conquered the amazing three hundred and ninety two step Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum, Jaylin and I set off on a thirty minute walk through the forest to check out another famous tomb. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum […]

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Travel Report: Librairie Avant-Garde – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. I was absolutely drained after our manic morning at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial. Battling the queues had been physically exhausting, while the horrific story told within the museum itself had been no less  taxing. Now I was in desperate need of some chill time, if such a thing existed during China’s Golden Week. Consequently, […]

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Travel Report: The Jumeirah Hotel – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. If you’ve got some serious cash to splash and are having trouble getting rid of it all, why not consider a stay at The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing? Located in one of Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre’s two stunning twin towers, the hotel has 212 luxurious suites spread out between the 41st and 67th floors. The hotel […]

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Travel Report: 1912 Bar District – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. I remember thinking how incredibly convenient it was that they’d built a massive bar district right next to The Presidential Palace. It’s literally as if some wise soul had foreseen how desperately I’d need a beer after two hours tackling the Golden Week masses. Having finally exited the palace, one of Nanjing’s premier […]

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