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Music has always been a huge part of my life. Having bought my first album at sixteen, I’ve now been a record collector for twenty years. Click on the ‘Music’ link below to read about my journey.  Music. Thanks for reading, Leighton

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Album Review: After the Gold Rush by Neil Young (1970).

‘‘You’re a Neil Young fan?’’ a friend of a friend once asked me. ‘‘Really?” ‘‘LOVE Neil Young’’ I clarified, putting on my best ‘‘don’t fuck with me!’’ look. ‘‘You don’t think his voice is annoyingly whiny?’’ “Nope’’. ‘‘You don’t find a lot of his music to be plodding, uninspiring dad-rock?’’ “Not in any way’’. ‘‘Hmm, ok. […]

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The short stories published on this website are all based on real life experiences from a life spent living and working abroad. Click on the ‘travel’ link below for an overview of where the wind has taken me. It also serves as a sneak peek at the short stories to come! Travel Thanks for reading, […]

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Album Review: Radiator by Super Furry Animals (1997).

I can’t put my finger on when exactly Britpop became such a dirty word. A genre that once channelled such an acute sense of hope and reinvention, today it’s often referred to with an acidic dismissiveness. Cock an ear to any non-believer and you’re likely to hear buzzwords like ‘‘derivative’’, ‘‘pedestrian’’ and ‘‘false dawn’’. Britpop […]

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Album Review: Bryter Layter by Nick Drake (1970).

One day in my late teens I spontaneously picked up a copy of Q Magazine from my local WH Smith. Informative, witty and covering a varied array of artists, it wasn’t long before I declared myself a loyal reader. Their excellent feature pieces brought me fascinating stories behind the music, while the extensive album reviews […]

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Album Review: Dusty in Memphis by Dusty Springfield (1969).

Movies have always been a great source for discovering new music. Forrest Gump got me hooked on the song For What It’s Worth, setting in motion a lifelong Neil Young journey by way of Buffalo Springfield. Just Like Honey meanwhile, the stunning closing track in Lost in Translation, pointed me in the direction of Psychocandy, the […]

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Album Review: Sea Change by Beck (2002).

I’ve always had a preference for artists that like to keep you guessing, bands and singers that over the course of their careers have boldly jumped into the unknown time and time again. People who’ve taken their music and audiences to exciting new places. One such artist is Beck, the incalculable singer-songwriter whose twelve studio albums […]

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Album Review: The White Album by The Beatles (1968).

What more is there to say about The Beatles? Pioneering, prolific, insanely talented and highly influential they virtually wrote the book on popular music as we know it. Choosing my favorite Beatles album was a tough one, especially as I go through phases of favoring different LPs. Would I go for the artsy progression of Rubber […]

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Album Review: What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye (1971).

In the mid noughties I began to delve deeper into soul music, the latest genre to grab my attention in an ongoing bid to expand my musical horizons. And like most of these adventures the results proved revelatory! I fell for The Temptations and learned that Otis Redding really was as good as everyone claimed. I was […]

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