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Category: Zhejiang Province

Travel Report: Lingshang Restaurant Village, Yongjia County.

Ling Shang Restaurant Village, Yongjia County. November 2017. Having spent the afternoon hiking around the wonderful Yongjia Shu Yuan National Park, I had naturally built up quite an appetite! I could have just gone to a local hole-in-the-wall and filled up on some cheerful cheapness. But then I’d have missed out on the wondrous, four […]

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Travel Report: Shu Yuan National Park, China.

Shu Yuan National Park – Yongjia County, China. November 2017. With winter finally starting to hit the southeast of China, I could feel my annual hibernation period calling me. Resolving to squeeze in one final trip before scuttling off to my man cave, I set off for Yongjia County. This rural region of Zhejiang Province […]

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Travel Report: Xin Yang River – Zhejiang Province, China.

Xin Yang River – Zhejiang Province, China. August 2017. I always got kick out of seeing isolated places in off-the-beaten-track China. And they certainly don’t get much more podunk than the largely unknown village of Xinyang in Zhejiang Province. Located an hour’s drive from the city of Ruian, my teaching buddies and I headed out […]

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Travel Report: Xu Ao Di Village, Taishun County.

Xu Ao Di Village Taishun County. November 2017. My visit to Taishun County stands as a major highlight of my travels across southern China. After all, I saw an array of ancient bridges, an abandoned temple, a stunning reservoir and an awesome three-tiered waterfall set in a remote forest-mountain park. Driving back to my Sixi […]

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Travel Report: Xi Dong Bridge, Taishun County.

Xi Dong Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. Many of Taishun County’s ancient, wooden bridges are located in deep, rural countryside. In most cases you’ll need a car to get anywhere near them. However, there are a few that are easily accessible by foot from Sixi Town. Take Xi Dong Bridge, for example. Just walk down the main […]

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Travel Report: Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

November 2017. Of all the bridges I saw during my trip to Taishun County, my favourite has to be Wenxing Bridge. Located deep in the arse end of nowhere on the edge of Xiaochun Village, I inadvertently stumbled upon both Wenchong Bridge and Wenhong Bridge in the process of tracking this one down. Finding Wenxing Bridge wasn’t the […]

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Travel Report: Wenhong Bridge, Taishun County.

Wenhong Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. Not to be confused with its neighbor Wenchong Bridge, we happened across Wenhong Bridge whilst driving in search of Wenxing Bridge on the outskirts of Xiaochun Village. Confused? I know we were!!!  Of all the bridges we’d seen thus far across Taishun County, Wenhong Bridge was our first brand […]

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Travel Report: Wenchong Bridge, Taishun County.

Wenchong Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. Apparently, there are around seven hundred covered wooden bridges scattered around Taishun County! Not all of them are as ancient or stunningly beautiful as Xi Dong Bridge or Beijian Bridge. Nor indeed my favourite Taishun County structure, Wenxing Bridge. Wenchong Bridge, for example, is a much more modest affair. Nevertheless, it caught my […]

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Travel Report: Sixi Town, Taishun County.

Sixi Town Taishun County. November 2017. I’m a huge fan of the Robert James Waller novel The Bridges of Madison County. Not to mention the brilliant movie adaptation starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Some years ago I was even lucky enough to spend a memorable day touring the actual bridges during my stay in […]

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Travel Report: Nanyang Bridge, Taishun County.

Nanyang Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. It had been an amazing couple of days exploring the remote villages and country roads of Taishun County. The main focus had been hunting down the region’s fascinating collection of ancient covered wooden bridges. We’d already tracked down Beijian Bridge and Xi Dong Bridge, two of Taishun’s most beautiful […]

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