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Travel Report: The Abandoned Villas of Kep.

The Abandoned Villas of Kep. —— August 2020. There was a light patter of rainfall as Sladja and I climbed into the tuk tuk. The sky had been threatening this all morning, but had fortunately held off during our explorations of Kep Beach. Now, at least, we had a roof over our heads. “You want […]

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Travel Report: Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok.

Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok. —— April 2015. I will always cherish the time I spent exploring the Thai capital. Looking back, I’m certainly glad I ignored all those warnings to get out of town at the earliest opportunity. Because, as so many people insisted, “Bangkok is a shithole”. Rather, I spent ten days hitting the […]

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Travel Report: The Grand Palace, Bangkok.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok. Cover photo courtesy of Supanut.  —— April 2015. I was into my last few days in the Thai capital when I decided it was finally time to see what is arguably Bangkok’s premier attraction. In fact, with a packed schedule until my train to Ayutthaya, it was quite simply a case […]

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Travel Report: Wat Saket, Bangkok.

Wat Saket Bangkok. —— Cover photo courtesy of Preecha.MJ April 2015. Another day in Bangkok, another expedition to see one of Thailand’s most notable Buddhist temples. Despite visiting around a dozen during my time in the Thai capital, I couldn’t say any of them had come with killer city views. Which is why I was […]

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Travel Report: The Ghost Tower, Bangkok.

The Ghost Tower, Bangkok. —— April 2015. I was having lunch in the hostel one morning when I overheard a curious conversation between an American expat and an Australian backpacker. “Dude, you haven’t climbed The Ghost Tower?!?!” he spluttered, his coffee cup suspended in mid air. Crime of all crimes, Mr. Australia had not been to The Ghost […]

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Travel Report: Lumphini Park, Bangkok.

Lumphini Park, Bangkok. —— Cover photo courtesy of Terence Ong. April, 2015. There’s no doubting what a colossal and often uncompromising city Bangkok can be. It’s a relentless concrete jungle for the most part, with green spaces being few and far between. But luckily for me, the Thai capital’s oldest and most charming park was […]

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