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Visit Jinhua

Yiwu River - things to see and do Jinhua Zhejiang Province China

Visit Jinhua.

In August 2018 I was in desperate need of a short trip. Just a few days away from Ruian, the little Chinese city I lived in. By this point I’d already seen a large chunk of Zhejiang Province. Hence I found myself looking for something a bit different, not just another humdrum town with a familiar looking temple and a park.

Zhejiang Province map.

Visit Jinhua.

Scanning my eyes over a map of the region, I caught sight of a nearby city called Jinhua. Having never heard of it, I decided to do some research in the faint hope that it would come up trumps. 

Zen Space Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

Jinhua Architecture Park, August 2018.

I quickly became fascinated by the prospect of two unique sights. Firstly, was Jinhua Architecture Park, created by the famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. This collection of weird and wonderful riverside structures now stands abandoned after its creator landed himself in hot water with the Chinese government.

Jinhua Ham Museum Zhejiang province China

Jinhua Ham Museum, August 2018.

The other was the highly quirky Ham Museum, a place which revealed, much to my surprise, that China was producing jamon long before the Spanish. And that it all began in Jinhua!

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