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In May 2015 I embarked on a long period of solo travel around Thailand. It was an incredible trip and, thirty days later, I found myself running out of time on my tourist visa and nowhere near finished with my Thai adventures.

So I decided to go to Malaysia (via Singapore) for a few weeks, visit an old friend and head out to some tropical islands. I figured this would mix things up a bit before returning to Thailand for another thirty days.

Jungle hike from Tekek to Juara Tioman Island Malaysia
Jungle hike from Tekek to Juara, Tioman Island. May 2015.

I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed my brief stay in Malaysia. My time there included a visit to one of the weirdest cities I’ve ever visited. I also got to see two idyllic tropical nirvanas, with snorkelling, endangered turtles, jungle trekking and a bizarre creature called the mouse deer. For the full story, have a dig through my articles on:

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