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Sweet shop Marrakesh Medina.

A sweet vendor, Marrakesh Medina. October 2008.

In October 2008 I was on my honeymoon touring around Morocco. After a wonderful spell in Casablanca, it was time to take the train down to the famous city of Marrakesh. We had a generous four days to explore and, furthermore, we’d secured a wonderful location right in the heart of the city at a traditional riad.

They said that Marrakesh would be a full-on experience, a veritable assault on the senses. They certainly weren’t wrong. But oh what an adventure it was grappling with persuasive market vendors, combative street beggars, wily snake charmers and manipulative henna girls.

Visit Marrakesh Museum Morocco.

Marrakesh Museum. October, 2008.

There were so many highlights during that long ago Marrakech adventure. We shopped in the souks, hung out in one of the world’s most unique public squares and visited museums, gardens and mosques aplenty. The city even threw in  a charming old royal palace for good measure.

Writing this trip up eleven years later has been a fun and nostalgic process. To find out more, have a read of my articles on:


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