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Travel Report: Dongmen Market – Shenzhen, China.

Visit Dongmen Market Shenzhen.

February 2018. Shenzhen’s Dongmen district is one of the oldest parts of the city, with a three hundred year trading history under its belt. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, or even just people watching, this is the place to come for the biggest variety of goods and price ranges to suit all budgets. But be warned, Dongmen can be pretty chaotic! So roll up those sleeves, flex your elbows and prepare to do battle.

Clothes shop Dongmen Market.

Dongmen Market, Shenzhen.

February 2018. You’ll have to take Dongmen Market as you find it! While there are branded boutiques and modern malls, you’ll also stumble across bargain basement shops, overflowing market stalls and piles of crap right on the street. Sometimes fortune favors the brave, so dig in and see what you can unearth.

Suitcase store Dongmen Market.

Dongmen Market, Shenzhen.

February 2018. Dongmen Market has a lot of bag shops, from backpacks, school bags and handbags to dozens of stores specialising in suitcases. 

Dongmen Pedestrian Street Shenzhen.

Dongmen Pedestrian Street, Shenzhen.

February 2018. The market’s main walkway is Dongmen Pedestrian Street, which is every bit as nuts as it looks. Packed mostly with hole in the wall eateries and stores offering local snacks, sweets and tea, you should allow at least twenty minutes to get to the other side. Looking for a shortcut into Dongmen Square? Yeah, this probably isn’t your street.

Dongmen Square Shenzhen China.

Dongmen Square, Shenzhen.

February 2018. Dongmen Market’s main square reduces the claustrophobia nicely. Stop for a minute to take in the enormous bronze wall depicting the area’s market streets in ancient times.

Ancient bell Dongmen Market Shenzhen.

The ancient bell at Dongmen Market, Shenzhen.

February 2018. Dongmen Square also features this giant bronze bell, hanging authoritatively from the beam of a stone gate. To visit Dongmen Market for yourself, jump on the subway (Line 1 or 3) and get off at Laojie Station. Take Exit A on the way out.

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