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Travel Report: Huaqiangbei Electronics District – Shenzhen, China.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District Shenzhen China

February 2018. Wonderboy and I were pretty excited about seeing China’s Silicon Valley, a sprawling three kilometer district packed with electronic malls, stores and service centers. The largest of its kind in Asia, Huaqiangbei Electronics District is one of the busiest shopping areas in the country. Except that is, when you rock up during Chinese New Year bank holiday days to find everything shut. Doh!

Huaqiangbei Electronics District Shenzhen China.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District, Shenzhen.

February 2018. We were both on a mission that day at Huaqiangbei Electronics District. Wonderboy had his heart set on a drone, while I was in desperate need of a new battery for my Mac. With absolutely nothing going on in the district’s main street, we reluctantly decamped to a nearby Starbucks to ponder our next move over some sympathetic lattes.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District Shenzhen.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District, Shenzhen.

February 2018. “It’s still early,” an Australian expat told us. “Hang for a bit, a few stores should start opening soon”. And right enough, when we returned an hour or so later, it was to a pleasing soundtrack of opening shutters and crappy dance music. Slowly but surely Huaqiangbei Electronics District was beginning to wake up.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District in Shenzhen.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District, Shenzhen.

February 2018. Our initial disappointment soon gave way to immense gratefulness as we realised we’d be getting the great Shenzhen electronics experience without the crowds. Ok, only a third or so of the stores were actually open, but we’d still be able to get what we came for. In fact, it didn’t take Wonderboy long to come away with a foldable HD camera drone for 580RMB (£66/€75/$93).

Apple reseller Huaqiangbei Electronics District Shenzhen.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District, Shenzhen.

February 2018. Getting my hands on a new Mac battery proved trickier. Méiy?u!” (none!) came the reply, again and again again. At one place, in a cruel display of false hope setting, the man nodded enthusiastically before telling me to come back in ten days to pick up my new battery. I’d almost given up by the time we nipped into this place. Amusingly, they advertised themselves as an Apple Genius Har, which obviously didn’t fill me with much confidence. But then the grisly dude there confidently produced a brand new plastic wrapped battery from a drawer behind the counter and had it installed in a matter of minutes. Mission accomplished!

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market Shenzhen.

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, Shenzhen.

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