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Visit Ningbo

Gongyuan Road Ningbo Zhejiang province China

Visit Ningbo: Gongyuan Road.

The ancient harbour city of Ningbo lies in Zhejiang Province, south of Shanghai on Hangzhou Bay. While somewhat off the tourist circuit for both foreign and domestic visitors, the city actually has some solid history to it. After all, this was one of the five ports opened in 1842 during The treaty of Nanjing. Today it stands as the world’s busiest port. 

Visit Tianyi Square Ningbo China.

Visit Ningbo: Tianyi Square.

I came here somewhat spontaneously in August 2017 for a two day visit. Despite lacking any heavyweight attractions, I found Ningbo to be a pleasant and clean city. There are pretty parks and a fascinating square where the city’s senior citizens flock to sing, dance and play card games.

Zhongshan Square Ningbo China.

Visit Ningbo: Zhongshan Square.

Moreover, one can shop and drink coffee on the city’s uber-modern main square. Or maybe climb the narrow stairways of an ancient, Tang Dynasty pagoda. When the sun goes down, most people head for Laowaitan, a former concession district now home to the city’s main concentration of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Islay Bar Laowaitan Ningbo.

Visit Ningbo: Laowaitan.

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