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The ancient city walls of Pingyao.

The ancient town walls of Pingyao, May 2010.

In May 2010 my wife and I had just finished a one year contract teaching English in Beijing. Soon we’d be heading back to Europe where a new life in The Netherlands awaited us. But first, as a grand goodbye to China, we embarked on our second cross country road trip to tick off some more of the nation’s travel highlights.

Visit Pingyao Shanxi Province China.

Pingyao, Shanxi Province. May 2010.

Our first stop was Pingyao, China’s best preserved ancient walled town with its unique uniform skyline of wavy roofs with grey-slate tiles. This was the China we’d dreamt about back in Belgium before we arrived! To read more about my Pingyao experiences, take a look at my travel reports on:

Shuanglin Temple (coming soon!)

The Ancient City Walls (coming soon!)

& my handpicked spots from across town (coming soon!)

These Pingyao adventures also feature in my short story:

 Jia Jia and the Warriors.

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