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Views over Qingdao from Xinhao Shan Park Shandong Province China

Xinhao Shan Park, Qingdao. July 2009.

I’ve seen an awful lot of China over the past decade. If I were to draw up some kind of top ten, I’d almost certainly find a spot for the coastal city of Qingdao in Shandong Province. While there are no jaw-dropping sights to speak of, the city has bags of charm.

There’s a decent collection of beaches with fresh sea air, not to mention European style churches and squares, cobbled streets and surrounding mountains. My visit here came way back in 2009 during my first ever bout of China travel. To get the lowdown on my Qingdao adventures, take a look at my reports from:

Lennon Bar

Number One Bathing Beach

St. Michael’s Cathedral

& my handpicked spots from around the city

Qingdao also features in my short story Don’t Let Me Down, taken from my series Challenged in China.

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