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As beautiful as Thailand undoubtedly is, a major frustration is that it can be tough to get off the tourist trail and away from the crowds. Such is the country’s popularity with travelers from all over the world! Searching for an opportunity to leave the masses behind? Then look no further than the gorgeous town of Sangkhlaburi. 

Khao Laem Reservoir Sangkhlaburi Thailand

Khao Laem Reservoir, Sangkhlaburi. April, 2015.

With its jaw-dropping wooden bridge (Thailand’s longest), all-encompassing reservoir, wondrous sunken temples and lively market scene, it’s almost unfathomable that Sangkhlaburi remains so unloved by the backpacking scene. The answer actually lies in its tricky location hidden away in a hard-to-reach corner of western Thailand hugging the border to Myanmar. Most people just can’t be bothered to haul themselves out here, especially as it’s not really on the way to anywhere. But if you’re not afraid of a long, bumpy, twisting bus journey then don’t hesitate for a second, the rewards are vast!

Khao Laem Reservoir Sangkhlaburi Thailand

Sunset cruise across Khao Laem Reservoir, Sangkhlaburi. April, 2015.

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